Am kommenden Mittwoch kommt William McCarthy nach München. Wer jetzt noch überlegt, ob er zur Show im Hansa39 gehen soll, dem helfen wir jetzt auf die Sprünge. Wir, das sind The Music Minutes und William McCarthy selber. Ein Interview in Emails.



Per Email haben wir uns mit ihm nämlich einen Frage-Antwort-Schlagabtausch geliefert und sind uns danach noch sicherer: Es gibt keinen Ort, an dem wir am Dienstagabend lieber wären als im Hansa39 bei William McCarthys Show. Wir fragen auf Deutsch und William antwortet, original und ungekürzt, auf Englisch. Schon an der Ausführlichkeit seiner getippten Zeilen wird klar: Er hat was zu erzählen und er teilt diese Geschichten gern. Wir freuen uns wie Schnitzel auf die Show am Dienstag!

Hier gehts übrigens noch zu unserer Ticket-Verlosung!

Über den Hiatus der Augustines und die Solo-Platte „Shelter“

Lass uns am Anfang anfangen: Die Augustines sind Geschichte, du arbeitest an deiner Soloplatte. Wie fühlt sich das an und wieso haben sich die Augustines denn nun aufgelöst?

I’ll start at the end; Augustines‘ chapter came to an end simply as it was and is just so tough for artists to survive these days.  The way in which we engage with music has changed, with streaming services meaning less people go and buy music.  Yes, vinyl is becoming popular again which is great, but in the end it just wasn’t enough.  We’re a live band, that’s what we do best and what we love best, but taking a band and a team out on the road for as many dates as we did, mainly in Europe, it just couldn’t carry on.  What I will add though is that Augustines aren’t history – we will always be bandmates, friends and brothers.  We played together last week at a pop-up show in Brooklyn, kind of a warm up for this tour, and Eric himself said it was like getting back on a bike, you don’t forget.

In terms of the solo record (called „Shelter“), yeah it is different, but with Rob and Eric both involved (Eric actually produced it) as well as Tommy from Pela, it never felt like I was going it alone.  It may feel a little different when it’s released with my name on the cover but hey, we’ll see.

Über Patreon: „I have always felt a great connection with the fans.“

Ja, deine Soloplatte. Auf was dürfen wir uns da freuen? Ist es ganz anders als die Alben der Augustines? Hat dich ein Stil oder Genre inspiriert, für das vorher kein Platz war?

Yeah, it is different, but not a departure.  I’ve done something I was always going to do which is go back to the music that made me pick up a guitar; raw blues, music from the soul.   I finished the writing in Berlin this winter, which was a fairly tough time emotionally following the band ending, and that will come across.  My influences are varied and you’d have heard them – as well as Rob and Eric’s influences – through the three Augustines albums.

Du veröffentlichst das Album via Patreon. Wie kommt das? Ist der direkte Kontakt zu den Fans viel wert?

I said at the beginning, the world has changed the way it engaged with music but this is a whole new way of engaging with the artist.  I’d read a little bit about these types of models but hadn’t really looked into it – it started with an open social media post to fans about the reality of the industry (without being disrespectful, I have a lot to be thankful for) and it went from there.  I have always felt a great connection with the fans and this platform has just brought us closer – it feels like a community has formed and y’know, it’s pretty powerful.

Du hast mit „Journals, maps, stories and songs – An evening with William McCarthy of Augustines“ bereits einen Schwung Solokonzerte gespielt. War diese Tour damals vielleicht der Auslöser, dass du gern allein an Songs arbeiten wollen würdest?

It told me that I could do it if that time ever came, being without the band isn’t what I wanted but it’s where we are.  It was a great tour, well received and it allowed me to tell the stories behind the songs that people love.

Was würdest du als Vollblutmusiker tun, wenn man dir verbieten würde Songs zu schreiben?

I don’t think that could ever happen – the songs and music are too big a part of me.  „Knock me down my friend, I’ll just get back up again“.

Was macht ein Konzert zu einem „großartigen Konzert“, zu einem, „an das man sich erinnert“? Gibt es eines, an das du besonders gern zurückdenkst?

Good question; we can go into these things with a plan, with a setlist for a two hour show and end up three hours later rocking out in a car park or outside a kebab shop!  I guess what makes one great is every person there feeling like they have permission to just ‚live‘ in that moment – rock out, sing, dance like no-one’s watching.  I’ve had the pleasure of playing some great venues as well which always helps; on the last tour we played Saint Lukes‘ and the Winged Ox in Glasgow, Scotland, which was an old church with church organ – Eric was allowed to play it and did so, it was beautiful.  That was a special show and does stand out.

Wenn du wählen könntest, was wäre deine beste Geschichte, die du zu erzählen hast?

You know what, I think that story is yet to be written

Auf den Alben der Augustines konnte man eine Entwicklung sehen: von traurig über optimistisch bis richtig froh. Wie klingt dein Album – wie ein bisschen von allem?

You’ll have to see, but as always it reflects life.

William McCarthys „Music For The People“-Tour: Musik für’s Volk

Deine Tour heißt „Music For The People“. Gehts dir vor allem darum – Musik für Menschen zu machen, ihr Soundtrack in guten und schlechten Zeiten zu sein?

It’s interesting, so many fans and supporters write me and tell me we/I have soundtracked their lives.  So yeah, I do write music for the people – it may not be intended that way, I write about life, my experiences, my dreams, my pain.  People are complex but at the same time simple beings, and there’ll be others who have felt the same as I have felt.

I am so lucky to have that connection with the community and many people over the years have written to me and the band with their stories.  On the last tour I was sent some letters from young lads in Belfast who were studying Book of James  – these young, impressionable boys had experienced so much already and were telling me how those words helped them.  That gave me a lot of perspective during a tough tour, we realised then if not before that if we’d helped kids at such a vulnerable time in their lives, we’d done it.  Whatever we wanted to achieve when we picked up instruments, we’d done it.

Freust du dich auf die Tour? Dient das Tourleben auch als Inspiration für dich und deine Songs?

Absolutely.  I have lived out of a suitcase for near enough 7 years so why not a little longer!  I visit a lot of towns and cities, we are travelling by road for the whole tour so yeah absolutely I take inspiration from what I see and who I meet.  Before each show I’ll be meeting the Patreon supporters and I really am looking forward to putting faces to names and really thanking them for being this wave of energy, motivation and support.

Die neue Platte ist noch nicht fertig, die Augustines sind vorbei. Letzte Frage: Was gibts bei denen Soloshows?

„Shelter“ is in the very final stages but you’ll definitely be hearing some of the songs from the new album on this tour.  So many wonderful musicians contributed to the record and it’s just me out on the road, so I’ll rework some of them.  I’ve chosen some songs that mean a lot to me personally and no doubt you’ll all recognise some of the others.. you’ll get some old, some new, some borrowed and some blues! 

Thank you so much for taking the time. 

Meine Güte, was für ein netter Mensch! Nicht, dass wir uns wundern würden, aber schön, dass man das bestätigt sieht. In diesem Sinne, Musikliebhaber von nah und fern: Schaut euch William McCarthy an, hört ihm zu, singt mit, erzählt ihm von euch, eurem Leben und wie sehr er bisher mit seinen Songs mitten in euer Herz getroffen hat. Denn das hat er und das wird er wieder. Er, der alte Geschichtenerzähler, der dankbare Vollblutmusiker – der von der guten Seite.

William McCarthy
12. April 2017, 19.30 Uhr
Hansa39/ Feierwerksgelände (Hansastr. 39, München)